What differentiates humans from animals, is the ability to read and write. The more one would read, the more one would understand about the humanity, spirituality, civilization, trade practices, money, currency and finance.
Though, many people ignore the importance of the finance, in their day to day life, they do keep their eyes open but observes nothing, they keep their ears open, do hear, but listen nothing, some do read a lot, but understand nothing.
A real human with curious mind, would not follow anything blindly, just because someone has said to follow, but would try to critically think and logically reason before following any path. There are two kind of thinkers, those who thinks for their own family and friends and those who thinks and cares for the complete humanity, this second category of thinkers, could become overthinkers or a programmers or a cryptographers, who sees the world through different lens and differentiates themselves from the herd of humans.
Fourteen Years have been lapsed, since 'the Bitcoin Bug' has started flourishing in the current financial systems, though many common and poor people have never heard of it, the richer and the elites have kept the Bitcoin as a symbol of luxury and prestige, or as a store value for money, without recognizing its actual potential, is very similar to a person who installs an air conditioner inside one's home, and keeps the remote safe in the locker, or in the display to showcase one’s luxury, without using or even recognizing the true potential of the air conditioner as a machine, as one has just got fascinated by its 'remote control'.
The Anti Bitcoin Code (ABC) and the Protocol is my interpretation, research, and analysis of 'the Bitcoin whitepaper'. The ABC protocol has formulated a path and a strategy to counteract the effect of the Bitcoin Bug in the system, as the inventor of the Bitcoin has mentioned.
The Anti Bit Coin Code has devised certain theories and hypothesis in this book regarding the Bitcoin protocol, and explained,
why Satoshi Nakamoto, could not be the inventor of the Bitcoin Program?
The book has been written in very easy to understand, simple English, language, with quotes and analogies, to explain the concept of difficult technical verbiage.
Anti Bitcoin Code do have acknowledged, efforts of, the inventor of the Bitcoin, as he oneself have given all the clues and secrets in his whitepaper, to fork the chain itself or to overpower the Bitcoin Chain, which becomes the basic of Anti Bitcoin Code and the protocol.
This book is for all, who do not have any knowledge in finance but also for those, who are expertise in finance and technology. I welcome all readers, to judge a coin, only when both sides are visible, as each coin has two faces.